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behind the scenes at CoStaff

Meet the CoStaff founders

Max Willert

HR tech expert & project

The best way to describe my personality in a single word is curiosity: because of it I lived in 11 countries on three continents and keep searching for new ideas, cultures, and people to learn about and from.

Before starting CoStaff I worked for an HR Tech startup that aimed at digitizing headhunting and recruiting and had internships at two other startups, as well as in consulting, investment banking, venture capital, and a political development foundation.

With CoStaff I want to ensure that the next generation of students has a more streamlined and digital access to professional work experience so that they can learn about their talents and interest without spending as much time on applications as I did.

Luca Lallopizzi

sales & web

The best way to describe my personality is as open minded, with a disposition to enjoying the present and all the things it offers to me. So I guess it makes sense that travelling through couchsurfing is one of my biggest hobbies. Wherever my adventures take me, I always do my best to respect everyone.

Professionally I developed a special attention to detail in accounting, real-estate, and consulting firms that helps me strive for perfection today.

Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to always look for more. Besides that, CoStaff also allows me to make a positive impact for students, allowing them to use their potential and add immediate value for professional firms, as I was able to during my studies in Germany.