Our clients are mainly active in strategy and business consulting, but our services are also available to corporate finance boutiques and other professional service providers. We continuously increase the number and variety of clients we work with to match the various competencies offered by our talent database.

The subject matter projects we offer are as varied as our clients and the competencies of our junior database so nearly every industry and business function is represented. Our projects’ format also has a wide range, including both on-site throughout Italy and remote work with project lengths ranging from two weeks to six months.

Consultancies pay CoStaff a fee based on juniors’ monthly rates whenever they staff a junior on one of their projects. CoStaff does not earn any money through any of the services offered to juniors, so CoStaff is completely free for you.

CoStaff is able to guarantee that its juniors have much higher salaries than at internships because the work which they do through CoStaff is not intern work. By matching you with specific projects in which you can add as much value as consultancies’ junior employees we can ensure that you receive salaries which are comparable to junior consultants.

Signing up

Signing-up is simple, all you need to do is enter your basic contact information on our website, afterwards we will send you a welcome email which contains a link to a google form. The form consists of questions that allow us to better match you with possible projects (personal preferences, availability, and past experiences) and takes about five minutes to fill out. afterwards you are a full member of our junior database!

After you sign-up you will be a full member of our junior talent database! Sometimes we may evaluate individual competencies to be able to present consultancies with a more complete picture. Afterwards, we will contact you whenever a client selects you based on your preferences, availability, and past experiences. If everything fits you’ll be staffed right away!

Yes! Let us be the judges of your fit to projects, you may be further along than you think 😉 Besides even if you don’t yet have the necessary experience for full consultancy projects we also have entry level projects that are the perfect way to learn and prove yourself for more complex projects. Furthermore, we are developing a training platform that will help you get the necessary skills and experience.

You should still sign up, we believe that your experience and resulting competencies are much more important than the degree you are enrolled in, so that’s what will decide which projects we present to you. Furthermore, since consultancies have many different types of projects the experience you gained through another degree may be just what is missing for a specific project.

CoStaff offers all its services to junior candidates for free. We only charge clients to use our services.

Signing up never hurts. If you indicate that you’re not sure when you’ll have time, we’ll contact you when a project fits your competencies so you can accept or decline it on the spot

Let us tell you a secret: Most consultants don’t stay in consulting for their whole careers, instead they use consulting as an opportunities to learn as much as possible to found their own businesses, become executives at large corporates, or focus on NGOs and nonprofits. Joining CoStaff allows you to do the same, as even a relatively short consulting project will allow you to learn a lot. Plus, you may find that consulting is for you after all.

CoStaff is already expanding into other professional service fields, so we may already have projects that directly fit your preferences. Additionally consulting covers so many industries and business functions that we’ll have projects that provide valuable experience for your career of choice in any case. Lastly, the tools and frameworks you will pick up through our projects will also be valuable in your industry of choice.

Our partner consultancies are always looking for promising juniors to hire full-time, so registering with us will allow them get to know you through a short-term project before extending a full-time offer, or reach out to you without a previous project so that they can fasttrack you in their application process.

Working on consulting projects offers two main benefits, for one you’ll be able to build up a systematic problem solving approach that will help you tackle challenges in any area you may encounter them in. Secondly, the wide range of business exposure different projects provide allow quickly getting to know different industries and business functions. Lastly, you’ll be able to further develop your teamwork, and communication skills.

As long as the project fulfills any duration requirements your university may have, it should count as an internship. In case anything is unclear to your university just get in contact with us we’ll be glad to help you settle any problems you may have.

Getting staffed

Our sophisticated algorithms suggest the best candidates to consultancies by comparing projects’ core requirements with your preferences, and availability. Consultancies then use our insights of your competencies and past experiences to select the candidate(s) they are most interested in. To get even better at connecting you with the right projects, we are continually introducing more proprietary evaluation methods.

We will inform you about suitable projects for you as soon as we them in the database, so it only depends on the consultancy clients timelines. In some cases they need support on a project in the next days, however in most cases it will be a couple of week or months before the beginning of a project.

Of course! We only suggest projects that fit your profile, you always have the final choice about accepting or declining a project. By specifying your project preferences and availability during the sign-up process, you can ensure that the projects we present to you fit your general profil.

You will be regarded as a full junior consultant in the projects you are staffed on so you the organization of the work will be the same as is normally the case for a junior in that consultancy. While there are differences between different consultancies you can expect to be guided by the firm’s seniors to handle critical work for your client in the most effective manner possible.

Contract & salary

Your final contract and its terms (excluding your salary which is guaranteed by us) is negotiated between the consultancy and you. So it can be either an internship contract or a normal employee contract for the duration of the project. Internship contracts are the most common format because of the tax advantages.

Your salary is determined by CoStaff before the start of a project. It is based on your past experience and the type of project t hand, so that it is roughly equivalent to what a junior consultant  would earn for the project. Partner consultancies know your prospective salary before selecting you, and must respect it.

The exact payment terms will be part of the contract you set-up with our partner consultancy when they choose you for a project. Unless there are any special circumstances salaries are paid to staffed juniors on a monthly basis.

Since consultancies know that our candidates add value from the outset, paying a suitable salary to staffed juniors is an integral part of the contract we make with them. They thus know what your salary would be before selecting you, and will not negotiate any other terms.


Great candidates are the bread and butter of our business yo we are glad about everyone that you introduce to CoStaff. If somebody you introduced gets staffed on a project you will receive 50 for the first project they work on.

We are always happy to have new leads, if you introduce a consultancy or other professional service provider to us you will receive 300€ for the first project they successfully staff with us.

The training platform is currently being developed. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s officially launched. Until then we are to hear any feedback you may have so that we can develop it to fit your needs.